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Our Work

As the oldest school in  College Station ISD, College Hills Elementary has been a proud member of our community for over 60 years, nestled in the heart of College Station just east of Texas A&M University. Our school is currently comprised of 650 students and 100 faculty, staff, and service employees. As a Title I School, every penny counts to help fund field trips, provide resources that help inspire enrich learning and teaching, as well as help with additional enhancements for our students.

Below you will find ways were helping pay for these experiences. 

Did you know all our students get to go on field trips, have authors come and visit, and get to experience other fabulous memories for free?! It would not be possible without you! Your donations and time make this possible. 


Paw Print Festival

Every year in the Spring, we host our biggest and most important fundraiser, the Paw Print Festival. Paw Print Festival is open to the community and provides a day filled with food, fun & games, prizes and a silent auction.

Book Fairs

Our school appreciates your support of our school book fairs, because they help to foster a lifelong love of reading!!


Spirit Nights

What better way to spend an evening than trying out a new place or going to oldie but goodie at the same time as many of your school mates? Spirit Nights are once a month at a designated time and place. Your children get to see other schoolmates, you get to take a night off of cooking, and best of all a percentage goes to raise money for our school!!

Fall Fundraiser

Aside from our big fundraiser in the Spring we also have a fall fundraiser. Stay tuned to how we'll be fundraising this year.

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